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Bruno Dirbák: WordPress Developer

I’m Bruno Dirbák

I have been actively involved in web development and administration for 7 years. In my work I rely on the cutting-edge WordPress content management system, which opens the door to endless possibilities. I like to share my knowledge and experience at lectures, where I inspire both beginners and advanced.

Proven skills in key areas

I’m not a jack of all trades, so I only do things I can do with my heart. I specialize in building, creating and managing websites. I provide training related to this in WordPress. I have been actively involved in IT technology since the age of 12, which gives me experience that I am happy to share through lectures.

Creation of websites

I build websites on the WordPress content management system that are modern, secure and efficient. These three factors are crucial to a well-built website.

Website management

I maintain and manage the website. The situation on the Internet is constantly evolving and updating, so it is necessary to carry out ongoing management of the site. If the maintenance is not done at regular intervals, the website starts to languish.

WordPress training

If you need to learn anything in WordPress, I’m here for you. I don’t like to see a lot of plugins on sites, so I’m showing you how to easily do things without them. I can explain to you in the training when it’s appropriate to use them and when it’s not.

Arrange a consultation/lecture with me

Let me know what I can help you with and we’ll work out the details. I can offer you a one-off consultation, a lecture, training or even professional training for your team. Want to make sure the people on your team are working as they should and keeping up with regular site management and security? I can review everything, train your team and follow up on the site build from your programmer.

They said about me

The following references, for example, are responsible for the quality of the work done:

“The Choose Info project had a really shitty website for a really long time. Luckily Bruno came along and now it’s beautiful, new, fresh, concise, clear. It’s a heartbreaker. Bruno had a lot of patience with us as we discussed all sorts of details, and also had great ideas for solving problems that came up in the journey to the new site. Thanks so much for all the Choose Info!”

Kateřina Křivánková

Zvol si info z.s.

“The October series of educational events, conferences and campaigns under the name of the Festival of Safe Internet is an important part of our cyber and information security awareness. To make the Festival a success, we cannot do without an attractive and high-quality web presence. We are therefore pleased that ZENI has approached its preparation with responsibility and vigour.

In particular, I would like to thank Mr. Bruno Dirbák, who was responsible for the development of the web presentation, and with whose approach we were extremely satisfied. Not only did he react flexibly to new requirements and search for adequate technical solutions, but he also took the initiative to propose and implement various improvements, well beyond the original intention and contractual obligations.

We believe that we will continue to be good partners in spreading awareness in this important area and look forward to future cooperation. “

Ing. Viktor Paggio

Director of the Department of Education, Research and Projects, National Office for Cyber and Information Security

“A few years ago, my life changed completely and I had to change my job and my job description as a result. When I was in need of one last clue on how to move on I found you on the internet.

I was very interested in you because you have a very interesting training offer. I immediately went to write to you and you immediately wrote me your options. You impressed me with your friendly approach and a lot of good information.

I really like how I can work with you to solve new, current problems or missing knowledge of website creation in WordPress. I like a lot your way of presenting the information I need. It is very important for me to see it directly on your screen using the communication video on Google Meet. You help me to perceive WordPress from a practical knowledge and also to look at problems more realistically and functionally thanks to practical information.”

Miroslav Baláž

“I am extremely satisfied with Bruno’s work. He modified the website according to my requirements, the communication was pleasant, everything went quickly and various small details, which I care about, were also adjusted. Thank you!”

Katarína Makranská

“The Zeni team prepared a modern, fast and clear website that I am thrilled with. I knew from the initial graphic design that the site would be a success. All of my requirements, including the calculator programming, were handled quickly and to my liking. I would like to highlight my collaboration with Bruno Dirbák who worked efficiently to deploy the site and was always flexible to incorporate any adjustments I needed. And there were not a few of them. If you are looking for a professional web solution, I can recommend the Zeni team.”

Eva Řeháková

Mr. Dirbák,
thank you very much for our cooperation. I like the fact that you respond quickly to my requests for changes and that you are very human, kind, understandable and straightforward, you don’t play games and you are very patient with me 🙂 You built the website ( exactly according to my ideas, which were quite specific and detailed (although we had to tweak it for a while), so for me I am satisfied and recommend you.

Zdeňka Ocelíková

“Bruno gave me advice when I was creating my own website in the Divi template and there were some things I couldn’t handle as a beginner. He was helpful, what he wasn’t sure about he figured out and helped me tighten up details that I wouldn’t have figured out on my own or spent a lot of time trying to find solutions.”

Katka Martínková

“Mr. Bruno Dirbák and Zeni team s.r.o. have made two websites for me so far. I am very satisfied with their work. The websites are designed to my liking and I suppose they meet the very tough criteria of the online world. Thanks again.”

Robert Tatai

“When a high school student recommends your project that you’re investing your time and money in, it’s no wonder you hesitate for a while. However, you’ll soon find that reliability, attention to detail and patience are exactly the words that describe Bruno’s work.”

David Kudrna a Petra Sobková

“I approached Mr. Dirbák for training directly on the DIVI theme creator. His website seemed very credible and his references instilled confidence in me.
After an initial consultation on what I expected from the training, we set up a tailor-made training together.

After the initial one hour training session, it was already clear that Bruno was “at home” in WordPress and knew the answer to every question. What suited me the most was the setting of the training dates, where the arrangement was very above board and flexible.

Bruno and I are in touch and will continue our collaboration on web development in DIVI.”

Pavel Adamec

“Bruno is an incredible dude. What he doesn’t know, he looks up and learns. I admire his patience in dealing with the client’s requirements, which Bruno incorporates so that the client can change them and Bruno can do it again. Thanks a lot!”

Martin Kümpel